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#fatshionfebruary featuring these ace #cutforevans pants from @evansclothing

#fatshionfebruary featuring these ace #cutforevans pants from @evansclothing


I’ve revived my old personal tumblr - awesomefrances - if anyone fancies getting to know what I’m into besides rad fatties*.

*One Direction


New post on Corpulent: Real Beauty?

In which I critique Dove’s latest ad campaign.


New post on Corpulent! OoTD No. 30 – My mad fat obsession

In which I wax lyrical about My Mad Fat Diary, Sharon Rooney, and my sick platform sneakers.


New post on Corpulent: Cherchez la Femme

Yo Sydney! Come see me talk about feminism with a bunch of other rad babes next weekend. The blog post gives you all you need to know.


meet the blogger

Because people seem to think I am every person I post on this blog (I get a lot of ‘I love you in that jumper you definitely don’t own!’ messages), this is me.

Name: Frances
Nicknames: A lot of people call me Fran, which still sounds odd to my brain
Height: 1.72m
Birthday: 22 May
Favourite Colour(s): Yellow, but anything bright is fair game
Best School Subject(s): In high school, English. In uni, I think it was a class called ‘Human Rights and Wrongs in Australia’.
Mac or PC: Mac
Current Shirt Colour: I’m wearing this shirt, so I’m basically wearing all the colours
Eye Colour: Brown
Day or Night: Day
Celebrity Crush: Harry Styles

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