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On ‘chick’ and its gender implications

hey, fat chick! aims to normalise and celebrate the fat female body. That’s been my line for the last two years. I’m now sort of regretting the word ‘chick’ and the gender limitations it implies.

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot more photos of genderqueer fatties. I’ve done that consciously; I want this tumblr to be inclusive and I want it to portray the fat experience as widely (PUN!) as it possibly can. I don’t want to post just the pretty/fashionable/smaller/white/femme fats, because that’s an extremely limited depiction of what fat looks like. BUT I also don’t want to assume or misrepresent someone’s gender identity.

So, to all sex and gender diverse fatties on tumblr: If I’ve messed up in any way - whether I’ve used the wrong language or reblogged your photo when you don’t want to be associated with ‘chick’ - please let me know either in my ask box or by email. I’m more than happy to amend or remove as you see fit.

(I’m super cis, so I hope this doesn’t come across as ‘Ooooh, look how inclusive and understanding I am! Gold star, Frances!’ I’m just aware of how little I know about this and I’d like to limit the amount of fucking up I do.)

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